About Us

Just Green Tea has been conceived by a Japanese and New Zealander couple who are passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of green tea.

Green tea is taking over the world, and has been making waves here down-under, adding to all the other Japanese healthy culinary creations we have already come to love - Sushi, bento, miso, ramen, sake! But most Kiwis have never tried the "real" Japanese green tea.

Real quality Japanese green tea is more than just a healthy drink. It is a delicacy, an art form, a pure sensation - a moment of Zen!

After having tried the real thing in Japan, we wanted to have that feeling back home in New Zealand. We couldn't find the high quality green tea or a specialty Japanese green tea shop here, so we decided to open one ourselves. It's too good not to be shared and enjoyed by our fellow Kiwis!

We traveled back to Japan in search of the fine tea to bring back with us. After visiting the beautiful tea farms in Shizuoka, Japan's "green tea kingdom", and having tried many kinds of Japanese tea on offer, we carefully picked rare, high quality and superbly delicious green tea for our collection.

Our mission is to convert the "uninitiated" into green tea drinkers! We believe a cup of green tea every day will lead to a more healthier and inspired existence for everyone.

We are happy to answer any questions on Japanese Green Tea: [email protected]

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