Is green tea suitable for vegetarians? Is it gluten free?

Yes! We offer 100% natural green tea. It is perfect for vegetarians & health-savvy people. It is gluten free and no preservatives added.

Is green tea effective for losing weight?

The biggest advantage of drinking green tea for losing weight is that you can reduce calories by replacing sugar-added drinks with green tea. Quality green tea has natural sweetness and you do not need to add sugar to your tea.

What determines the prices of Japanese green tea?

There are so many factors in deciding tea prices. It depends on the harvest timing, the quality of leaves after rolling process etc. Ichiban-cha (First harvest tea),harvested at the end of April to Early May, is the best quality and more expensive.  After 2 weeks of first harvest, new shoots start growing and they will be ready for the second harvest in about 45 days (likewise for the 3rd harvest). Second and third harvest tea (ni-bancha and san-bancha) are a lot cheaper than first harvest but the leaves tend to be darker & harder and rich flavour will decrease. Other factors - previous year's produce is cheaper than this year's. Rare kind of teas (such as Tsuyuhikari) are more expensive than ordinary kind (Yabukita). Since tea is "agriculture product", the demand and supply balance also affects the price a lot. If the harvest volume is low, price may increase on that year, or the quality of the tea may decrease compared to the same price tea in previous year. Normally higher price of tea contains more Umami (rich flavour) and better aroma. 

Why Just green tea's tea is more expensive than supermarket brands?

Price reflects the difference in quality. We offer fresh and pure Japanese green tea. We picked the most suitable selection of tea to meet the preference of New Zealanders and the water in New Zealand. Try our tea and see the difference.

What is the difference between Just green tea and other tea brand?

We are specialized in Japanese green tea and proud of expertise in this area. We import tea from the tea farms in Shizuoka and Uji (Kyoto) ; both are the centre of Japanese green tea production. We have a very close relationship with our tea farms and are very passionate in delivering high quality Japanese tea to Kiwis.

I want to serve Just green tea at my café/restaurant. Do you have wholesale prices?

We do have wholesale pricing from small amount. Please contact us for more details.

I want to have Just green tea in my office.

Please contact us by email at [email protected]. We are happy to offer you an office delivery option.

Do you have a physical shop?

Unfortunately we do not have a physical shop yet and pick-up items in person is not possible. We are Auckland based online store and the company is New Zealand owned and operated business.


Do you ship your products outside of New Zealand?

At the moment we only offer shipping within New Zealand. However we are preparing for international shipping options. Please stay tuned.

Cancellation of order/ Refund policy

For whatever reasons, if you do not wish to keep unopened product(s) you ordered, contact us by email at [email protected] within one week of receipt and return the goods to us. We'll be happy to exchange it or provide a refund (Shipping charge is non-refundable).You will be required to pay the postage, but we will cover the cost of sending any replacement to you. 
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