Where is the quality Japanese tea from?

The best quality green teas are grown in Shizuoka and Uji (Kyoto).

Known for the beautiful landscape of tea farms, Shizuoka prefecture produces 40% of Japanese green tea in Japan.

Every Japanese associates Shizuoka with green tea farms and Mt Fuji. (Kids learn this at school and there usually is a question about this in a Geography test!)

Our premier tea farm is located at the southern tip of Makinohara plateau in Shizuoka. Makinohara plateau is 30km long and 140m above sea level and has all the necessary condition to grow tasty tea; just right amount of rain fall, foggy weather, lots of sunshine, mild weather and rich soil abundant of minerals. It is a warm and beautiful part of Japan.

Uji (Kyoto) is known for high quality Matcha powder and the long history of tea farming. A Zen Buddhist started the cultivation of tea in Uji at the beginning of the 13th century.  Abundant rainfall, rich soil and foggy weather make it the perfect place to grow Tencha leaves which are used to make Matcha powder.

Uji Matcha is considered to be the top quality available in Matcha range and used for tea ceremonies and preparing various luxury confectionery.

Japan Tea Map

Just Green Tea carefully chose high quality Japanese green tea offered by the specialty suppliers in Shizuoka & Uji, and delivers to green tea lovers in New Zealand.

We have a very close relationship with the supplier and a good understanding of Japanese green tea.

Shizuoka tea farm

Sunny Makinohara plateau

Sunset at the tea farm

Peaceful sunset at the tea farm

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