Tsuyu-hikari On The Go

Healthy food is simple. All you need are quality and fresh ingredients, and it does not have to be expensive. Tsuyu-hikari Green Tea Powder is a perfect addition to your simple, health-conscious diet with a touch of style.

Tsuyu-hikari, is a rare kind of green tea produced on the sunny Pacific Coast of Shizuoka, Japan. The tea has a rich emerald green color, and is 100% natural!


Tsuyu-hikari Green Tea Powder, from Just Green Tea, is carefully crafted from the top grade first harvest tea leaves. As a powder, it easily dissolves in water, so you can better absorb all the important nutrients.

Tsuyu-hikari is versatile – you can drink both hot and cold, all year around.

Here’s a suggestion, you can make a bottle of Tsuyu-hikari Green Tea water, and take it with you on the go. It is definitely healthier than fizzy drinks from the shops. And it has a much better nutritional value than plain water!

It literally takes 10 seconds.

How to make Tsuyu-hikari water


  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of Tsuyu hikari powder with 500 ml water in a bottle. Shake well.


When is the best time to drink it?

  • Morning: Caffeine wakes you up, while L-theanin enhances your mood. Energize your body and brain!
  • Afternoon: Fight the after-lunch drowsiness and feel refreshed for the rest of the day.
  • Before workout: Catechin polyphenol enhances your energy level and helps burn fat.

You can drink it almost anytime during the day. You may set a cut off time at 6pm if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Take a bottle of Tsuyu-hikari water anywhere you go – work, school, gym and picnic. It is zero waste and eco-friendly! Be green, healthy and feel good!

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