Home made Matcha Ice-cream

New Zealanders love their ice cream! It’s true – we are among the highest per capita consumers of ice-cream in the world. Good to be the first where it matters!

As usual, Just Green Tea is doing its bit to contribute to New Zealand’s lifestyle. Welcome Home made Matcha Ice-cream! A guilt-free solution to your natural cravings. This super easy Matcha ice-cream recipe does not use any eggs. It is low in sugar and high in antioxidants.

Learn how to reward your taste buds this summer, while keeping to those new year resolutions of eating healthy. Yes, you can have your ice-cream, and eat it too!

(for 4 people)

3 teaspoon Matcha powder (6g)

3 teaspoon Cornflour (6g)

3 tablespoon white sugar (45g)

100 ml standard milk

100 ml full-fat cream




Prep 10 min / Freeze 4 hour / Easy

1. Sift Matcha powder into a small pan


2. Add sugar and cornflour into the pan. Mix well


3. Add milk into the pan and mix well


4. Heat the pan with medium heat. Keep stirring until everything is dissolved. Once the mix thickens, remove from the heat and let it cool completely


6. Whip cream until it forms soft peaks


7. Add the Matcha mix into the bowl. Whisk until well mixed.



8. Seal the container firmly with a plastic wrap.

Chill the Ice-cream mix in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

9. Scoop n’ Enjoy!



Double the amount of ingredients if you LOVE Matcha ice-cream.

Great as a Valentine’s day & St Patrick’s day desert.

Try some topping ideas and upgrade your Match ice-cream!

Topping ideas:

– Roll with Matcha Crape

– Matcha ice-cream goes really well with the Matcha iced green tea which we have introduced last week.


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