Matcha Green Tea Mousse

Here is another unique creation from Just Green Tea. Try our super easy Matcha Mousse to add a healthy dessert to your summer menu. Perfect finish for that upcoming dinner party.

This recipe does not use eggs. Low in sugar and high in antioxidants. With gelatin, a rich source of dietary collagen, helping keep your skin beautiful.

Mousse-ingredientsIngredients (for 4 small cups)

1 tablespoon Matcha powder (8g)

1 teaspoon Gelatin (3g)

2 tablespoon water (30ml)

1 3/4 tablespoon white sugar (25g)

1/2 cup standard milk (120ml)

1/2 cup full-fat cream (120ml)



Prep 10 min / Chill 2-3 hour / Easy

1. Soak the gelatin powder in water


2. Sift Matcha powder into a small pan


2. Add sugar into the pan. Mix well


3. Add milk and the gelatin into the pan and mix well


4. Heat the pan with medium heat. Keep stirring until everything is dissolved. Once the mix got thicken, remove from the heat and let it cool completely.


6. Whip cream until it forms soft peaks (For smoother texture use an electric mixer)


7. Add the Matcha mix into the bowl gradually and mix well each time. Avoid whisking hard when mixing. It will cause bubbles on the surface.

Note: Make sure the mix is cool before adding to the whipped cream. If it is still warm the mix will be separated from the cream



8.Pour the mix into small cups. Cover the cups with a plastic wrap. Matcha-Mousse-before-fridge

Chill the mousse for 2-3 hours.

9. Add toppings, serve in style and enjoy the sweet Zen moment!


Topping ideas:

– Fruits (berries, grapes, cherries give good contrast to Matcha green color)

– Whipped cream

– Dust some Matcha powder

– Sweet red beans

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