Cold Matcha Iced Green Tea

Summer is in full swing, and with that comes the heat! Unless you can walk around with a portable refrigerator, the summer heat will take a toll. The usual remedy – chilled soft drinks – are refreshing, but also contain a lot of sugar and non-natural ingredients. So how do we stay chilled this summer, while staying lean and healthy?

Super easy cold Matcha iced tea is full of anti-oxidants and amino-acid L-theanin. It boosts your energy levels, raises metabolism, and leaves you feeling Zen.

Cold Matcha iced tea is the ultimate alternative to the high calorie juice and fuzzy drinks. This natural energy drink will cool you down, inside & outside.

IMG_6083Ingredients (for 1 glass)

3/4 cup hot water (180ml)

1 teaspoon Matcha powder (2g)

1 and 1/2 teaspoon white sugar (3g)

A glass full of ice cubes


*You could use a cooking whisk if you do not have a bamboo whisk.


Prep 3 min / Easy

1. Sift Matcha powder into a bowl and add sugar and hot water


2. Whisk until Matcha powder and sugar is dissolved


3. Put ice cubes in a glass and pour Matcha tea into the glass


4. Enjoy!



Use premium grade Matcha for smoother taste.

Small amount of sugar makes it milder and easier to drink.

Try some topping ideas and upgrade your Match iced green tea!

Topping ideas:

– Add some milk and make cold Matcha latte

– Vanilla or Matcha ice cream on top (yum!!)


Next week, we will post the Easy green tea ice cream recipe. Stay tuned!

Wanna try?

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